About us

We are a Non-Governmental Organization with Christian humanist principles, and oriented towards educating youth and families?, founded in 1978.

We consider family and education as pillars for the development of the person and the community. We work in favor of education, for the individual, family and community growth; and for the defense of human dignity in its dimensions.

Institutional principles

Christian social commitment

Quality of service and professionalism


Permanent education support


Faith in people and search for their autonomous integral growth


Deep Conviction for Ipsicol’s work in favor of the integral developmentof the human being.


Promote, through educational actions, the growth of people in their contexts of family, school, work, and community life.


We are committed to the health and comprehensive training (education, support?) of people in their life contexts.


IPSICOL intends to be a leading entity as provider of psychosocial care services, education, and mental health intervention.

Our founders

Padre Adalberto Gómez suárez

Padre William Gómez Suárez

Sr. Oscar Manuel Betancur Arango

Sra. Sara Rendón Sierra