About us

We are a Non-Governmental Organization with Christian humanist principles, and oriented towards educating youth and families?, founded in 1978.

We consider family and education as pillars for the development of the person and the community. We work in favor of education, for the individual, family and community growth; and for the defense of human dignity in its dimensions.

Our services

Integral care program for children, adolescents, and their families.

Dissemination through the institutional media personal growing and health issues that impact their education and integral development.

Courses, workshops and special projects

Radial programs

The media channels are very important for the dissemination of our philosophy and institutional work towards the person and the communities.

La radio en IPSICOL desde sus inicios se ha producido a través de diferentes emisoras de ciudad.  Desde hace un tiempo, la radio en IPSICOL emite sus programas a través de la emisora de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Medellín 1.110 kHz AM, o también pueden ser sintoniados los programas a través de www.radiobolivarianavirtual.com 
IPSICOL emite semanalmente diferentes espacios orientados a la comunidad radio-escucha sobre educación, información y promoción del ser humano, así:

Radial Podcast

Along with the traditional AM radio format, IPSICOL migrated part of its radio content to the cyberspace, in order to expand the coverage of its spaces and reach new audiences.

I want to donate

Making a solidarity contribution to a non-profit entity such as IPSICOL, beyond a tax benefit, is particularly the opportunity to support the work of an entity that aims to improve the conditions of sectors such as children, youth and the family through its educational and cultural programs and special projects.
A contribution that for IPSICOL translates into the possibility of strengthening its programs and lines of action to achieve its corporate purpose.
The help of our benefactors allows us to maintain the projects already implemented, develop new programs and respond to the improvement needs of the Institute.

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we will gladly answer your concerns.

Our blog

Qué entendemos por espiritualidad

La espiritualidad es un camino para combatir la insatisfacción humana, ya que supone buscar experiencias que hagan que nuestra vida personal tome sentido, buscando alternativas para llenar el vacío interior y contribuyendo así a nuestra felicidad.

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